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It is a 68,60 m2 space, with a kitchen equiped for two groups to be cooking at the same time and enough room to hold 30 people around three tables with a capacity for 10 people each one.The necessary tools to cook and all the dishes and cutlery the guests may need are provided for.

If asked, the most usual condiments will be provided: oil, vinnegar, salt, cinnamon, garlic, etc, and other products such as: tins, cheese and others which are produced in the surroundings, as well as the txakolis of the zone, Rioja Alavesa wine and cider of the country.

This service is available for guests of the house and for external people or groups who want to make lunch or dinner and enjoy it with friends or family.

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Ureta Landa AT - Ureta Etxea, Gibelorratzagako San Pelaio (Auzoa/Barrio) 50. - 48130 Bakio (Bizkaia) · Pho.: 946193030 · email: info@uretalanda.com

Basque Country Tourism Company Number: TBI00013

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