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The website you are visiting belongs to URETA LANDA A.T. (Kepa Uriarte, IN 14239154S, Gibelorratzagako San Pelaio- 48130 Bakio- Bizkaia- Ureta Landa A.T. info@uretalanda.com


The goal of this website is to offer information about the rural tourist apartment guest house establishment called Ureta Landa A.T., and specially about its services.


The object of Ureta Landa A.T.�s privacy policy is to respect the current user data protection legislation, in accordance with what has been established in the 15/1999, Organic Law from the 13th of December, for Personal Data Protection. In any case, the user can apply his right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to the treatment of his personal data, in the terms and conditions stated by law by addressing Ureta Landa A.T.

Data gathering and treatment

Visiting www.uretalanda.com does not require the user to register or provide any kind of personal data. However, if the user were to provide any personal data, those data will be included in a database under propiety of Ureta Landa A.T. and will be treated confidentially. That information will never be sold or hired to other enterprises.

Cession of personal data to other enterprises

Ureta landa A.T. does not sell, hire or lend the personal data of this website�s users.


This website contains cookies, little data files which are generated in the user�s computer and which allow us to know the following information: when the user has visited the website before.


Ureta landa A.T. does not sell, hire or lend the e-mail addresses of its users or the information filled in the forms to other enterprises. Al the forms in the website have got a tic-box for the acceptance of the legal terms.


  • These are the general condition for the access, browsing and use of the website with the http://www.uretalanda.com URL, as well as the disclaimers derived from the use of its contents.
  • The user pledges to use this website and the services offered by it in accordance with the law, as well as the generally accepted morals and good uses and public order.
  • The user specifically pledges not to destroy, alter, inutilize or harm in any other way the data, programmes or electronic documents or anything else that may be found in this website.
  • The user pledges not to put any obstacles for other users to access the service by massive use of the computer resources with which Ureta Landa A.T. offers its services, as well as not to realise any actions which may harm, interrupt or generate errors in those systems.
  • The user pledges not to introduce any programmes, viruses, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or character sequence which may cause any type of alteration in the website owner�s or a third party�s computer system.
  • The user is subject to paying Ureta Landa A.T. for any harm or damage which could be caused by the wrong use of this website, infringing these general conditions and/or the current legislation.
  • The use, consultation or contracting of the services which are offered means the conditions of this document have been completely accepted by the user.
  • Ureta landa A.T.  keeps the right to modify the legal conditions which are exposed in this document without any prior notice.


The licensing rights of the www.uretalanda.com website, as well as that of its contents (contents being comprised by texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, pictures, music, videos, animations, sounds, databases, browsing, images, expressiona or informations, as well as any other creation protected by the laws on intelectual and industrial property) that are contained in it belong to Ureta Landa A.T. (or, in some cases, to third parties), to whom belongs the right to utilize them in any kind, and in special, the rights to reproduce, distribute, broadcast or transform them.

The royalties of this website belong to NTO Segmento, the enterprise which has created and developed this website, so, it is not allowed to delete, evade or manipulate the warning of copyright of the authoring royalties or whichever other identifying data about NTO Segmento's right, as well as teh technical protection mechanisms, digital prints or whichever information or identification mechanisms there might be in the contents. Equally, all the comercial names, trademarks or distinctive symbls of any kind contained in this website are protected by Law

Unless the contrary is specifically determined, in no case does consulting the website by the user imply any kind of total or partial resignation, transmission, licence or lending of those rights by NTO Segmento.

The users will be able to visualize all the afore-mentioned elements and even print, copy or store them in their computer�s hard disk or any other physical medium as long as they are used for their personal and private use and as long as their origin and/or author is always stated, so that their use for comercial goals, reproduction, communication, distribution, or their modification, alteration or decompilation is forbidden.


Responsibility over contents

This website and its contents belong to Ureta Landa A.T. However, this website can sometimes publish contents provided by third parties or enterprises. Ureta Landa A.T. does not bear any responsibility over the truthfulness and exactness of those informations, and cannot be held responsible for the use any person or enterprise can make of them. Ureta Landa A.T. keeps the right to modify the website�s content withour any previous notice and without any limitation.

Responsibility over the website's operation

  • Ureta landa A.T. is exempt of any responsibility derived from any interferences, omissions, interruptions, telephone breakdowns or desconnections in the operating of the electronic system, caused by external reasons.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. is also exempt of any responsibility which could be derived from delays or blocks in the operation of this electronic system caused by deficiencies or overcharging of the telephone lines or of the Internet, as well as damages caused by third parties by means of ilegitimate trespassing out of the website owner's control.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. does not bear any responsibility over security flaws which could occur or over any damages that can be caused on the user�s computer system (hardware or software), or on the files or documents stored in it, as a consecuence of the presence of a virus or other computer elements of any kind which could cause harm due to the use of the computer to access the web, a wrong functioning of the web browser or/and the use of non actualized versions of that browser.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. declines any responsability over the posible damages which can be caused by the lack of availability and/ or continuity of this website and the services offered by it.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. does not guaranty the inexistence of interruptions or errors in their acces to the website or its contents, nor these contents' being actualized.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. reserves the right to suspend temporally, and without any prior notice, the access to the website for maintenance, repair, actualization or improvement operations.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. declines any responsibility over the services which could be in some cases offered in its website by third parties.

Responsibility over links

  • Ureta Landa A.T.  declines any responsibility over the services and/ or the information given about this website in other websites linked to this one. Users are advised to consult the legal conditions exposed in those websites.
  • Ureta Landa A.T. will not, in any case, be responsible for any damages of any kind, derived, directly or indirectly, from failing to read this notice, or the non-observance of the obligations specified in the conditions specified in it.


The people or enterprises which send any information to Ureta Landa A.T. pledge for this information to be truthful and for it not to infringe any third party�s rights or the laws in force.

If you consider any content and/or information in this website infringes any legitimate right or the laws in force, do not hesitate to get in contact with us: Ureta Landa A.T. email: info@uretalanda.com

The user guaranties that the information, material, contents or observations which are not his/her own personal data and are provided to the website's owner through the website do not infringe any third party�s copyrights or patent rights or any other law.
All the information received in this website, either commentaries or suggestions or ideas, will be considered as given free of charge. Do not send any information which cannot be considered this way.


Ureta Landa A.T., in accordance with its ownership of the website, keeps the right to modify, develop or update at any moment, and without any prior notification, the conditions of use of the website. The user will be automatically subject to the conditions of use which are in force at the moment in which he gets access to the website, which makes it advisable for him/her to read them periodically.


All the contentions or the complaints derived from the interpretation or execution of the present Legal Notice will be subject to the Spanish legislation and will be subjected to the jurisdiction of the Bilbao Courts.

Ureta Landa AT - Ureta Etxea, Gibelorratzagako San Pelaio (Auzoa/Barrio) 50. - 48130 Bakio (Bizkaia) · Pho.: 946193030 · email: info@uretalanda.com

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